• Complaints Policy

    Complaints policy of Embracing Horizons

    At Embracing Horizons, we aim to provide support for you and/or your child to the best of our abilities. We value your feedback, as it will help us improve our services. If you are unsatisfied by the support or service we offered it is important that you let us know so we can work towards a solution. The following options are available to share your complaints:

    – Sharing it with your (child’s) therapist directly:
    The primary option is to share your complaint or concern with your (child’s) therapist directly. You can share it during an appointment, request for a new appointment or (video) call to discuss your concern so that you and your (child’s) therapist can work towards a solution together.

    – Sharing it with another therapist at Embracing Horizons:
    If you are not able or willing to share your complaint with your (child’s) therapist directly, you may also approach another therapist at the office who can receive your complaint and guide you towards a solution, mediate between you and your child’s therapist or refer you to external support services.

    – Klachtenportaal Zorg:
    Embracing Horizons is registered with Klachtenportaal Zorg, an independent body that can receive your complaint. They can mediate between you and Embracing Horizons regarding the complaint, or put the complaints before a complaints committee.
    Klachtenportaal Zorg

    – Ethical board:
    Each psychologist at Embracing Horizons is bound by an ethical code and are members of the NIP (Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen) and/or registered at SKJ (Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd). If you believe that your therapist acted in breach of the ethical code you can bring your complaint to the ethical board.
    College van Toezicht NIP
    Tuchtrecht SKJ